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Figurine Protectors

If you have always wished your figurine collection stays in top shape and you can keep them as long as you live, you must get yourself premium pop protectors, my friend.

These protectors help you display and protect your collection at the same time. In case you are looking for reasons to buy a pop protector, here are plenty of good ones:

  • Fits All Standard Size

Pop protectors come in 4 inches vinyl Funko boxes. This is a standard size that can accommodate most figurines. 

  • Amazing Quality and Fit

These protectors are made from high-quality plastic that does not deteriorate over time. The plastic used is 0.35 mm thick. You will get to display your beautiful collection without compromising the crystal clear Display.

  • Auto Locking Bottom

Each pop protector has an auto-locking bottom. Once the case is delivered to your doorsteps, all you have to do is set it up, which is very simple. Everything locks into place automatically, especially the bottom. All you have to do is place the action figure inside the case and close it from the top.

  • Protection from All Damages

Premium pop protectors are designed to ensure that your action figure remains protected till it’s inside the case. There is minimum space inside the box. This prevents the figurine from falling or tripping. You will be confident that it will stay inside the case and be as good as new.

Bottom Line

You wouldn't want anything to happen to your precious collection for any fanatic who likes to collect figurines, especially the vintage ones. After all, you worked so hard to collect them! Why not protect them as well by purchasing pop protectors and keep them in top shape. 

There is no harm in keeping your collection stored in those case and display them as they are. The case will protect them from dust, sun damage, and fall.


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